The New Building

The building was a remarkable feat of architecture, towering over the small figures standing at its base, and stood out dramatically compared to the rest of the city around it. The citizens had rushed out of their homes to observe it, and began talking in hushed whispers about what its presence, and the precedent it had set, would mean for the future of their neighborhoods. They should have been surprised when the previous tower that had stood on the same plot of land was demolished to make way for this new one; once, they had shuddered, and wondered what possibly could be next, but not anymore. The absolute chaos that ensued when the head of city planning decided he didn’t need any permits to rearrange things meant that ever since nowhere in their city was safe from sudden changes, and oh boy, he sure was willing to make drastic changes on a whim.

β€œHey Tommy, is this what you made for that big project in school?” the mother of the city planner asked, examining the new building. For an art class craft, created from sticks, hot glue, paper, paste, and paint, it was certainly remarkable just how realistic the medieval cathedral looked when placed in the town of Lego people and their blocky buildings.


This story was written in response to these prompts:

GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Story: paste

Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challenge: permit, shudder, rush

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: remarkable


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