The Castle Ruins

Silver moonlight glinted off of the slick stone steps. A light drizzle of rain misted the air, and obscured what loomed in the distance. Behind the howling of the wind, whispers could be heard, but not clearly enough to understand what they spoke about. He climbed the steps hesitantly, cautiously, hand resting on the hilt … Continue reading The Castle Ruins

An Ode to Poetry

All across the ages you have been revered, Studied by sages and sung in village squares   A mode of expression to convey many feelings Your capacity for description is ever so inspiring   From deep emotion to delightful humour You hold our attention with graceful wonder   Creative wordplay a vessel for truth An … Continue reading An Ode to Poetry

A Coward Uncovered

All around the flickering fire seven seated honorable heroes tell their tales about adventures trekking across treacherous lands and fighting fearsome foes.   But beware: one of their order is a listening liar bravely bragging about accomplishments he only overheard, and definitely didn't do.   Not really reliable in cruel combat, he could turn tail … Continue reading A Coward Uncovered