The                           franticfear        causes                        hesitation         And panic                              creates confusion Thenthat momentwhen thelook                                                in          their                             eyes                    begins to focus And a determined smirk grows . Note: the WordPress reader may not display the formatting in this poem correctly. You should be able see it correctly directly on … Continue reading Focus


Heavy air pressure,Smothering humidity;Rain finally falls.The sun shines again;The storm has dissipated.Memories surface,Emotions intensify;Tears finally fall.She can smile again; The pain has dissipated.

Goblin Mode

Sometimes you need to gointo goblin modeRetreat into yourdark basement cave,Clutching bags of junk food,Watch a trash reality tv show, Snarling at anyone who bothers you with their mere existanceOnce you've had this retreat, the graceful elven princess may once again emerge

Shadow Frost

Vibrant green grass Basks in the golden sunrise,Announcing spring's arrival Yet in the shadows Winter's last grip holds that grassSubdued by white frost But the night's dark chill Is instantly conquered When the last vestiges melt In daylight's advance