Guards on Duty

The balloons swayed from the bumper, seemingly cheerful, to the muffled loud music. However, their eyes were slightly narrowed, scanning the parking lot for danger. “Attention, squad,” the commander said, his face grim, “We have a drunkard stumbling out of the east entrance.” The fellow zigzagged across the parking lot, seemingly towards the Honda Civic, … Continue reading Guards on Duty

When Bubbles Pop

Sometimesthe bubbly smiling girlturns quietExhausted from her platonic friendship being once again opportunistically taken advantage of Burnt outfrom being co-opted as          the manic pixie dream girlfriend in a non-existentrelationship Sometimesthe girl withthe guardedheart sighs Yet again breaking a heart and a friendshipYet again breaking a greedy heart and an unequal friendship She owes nothingShe will … Continue reading When Bubbles Pop

Inspired by; Not based upon

Some real life circumstancesDraw in a poet's glances That type of surveillanceInspires poetic comeuppanceThen other memories take tractionThe original inspiration a mere fractionThus forming a level of abstraction That doesn't expect any personal reactionSo before you assume my culpability In writing distinctly about you, a liabilityI advise you don't discount my capabilityOf expertly citing deniable … Continue reading Inspired by; Not based upon

Baby Gibbon

Mama swings Branch to branchBaby taps one branch Runs across the grassTo tap the other Mama eats lunch Baby climbs the tree Just above Mama's headStands and tumbles Off Mama's shoulders Baby swings Around the tree Climbs intoMama's lap A quick cuddleJumps up Swings around The tree trunk Some more Papa swings Onto the branch … Continue reading Baby Gibbon

The Band

Keagan fidgeted with the band holding the bundle of brand new books together, hoping that he had purchased the correct set for his upcoming university course, while waiting for his friend to arrive at their meeting spot outside of the campus store. Lucas, in the midst of a band of excited first years that he … Continue reading The Band