A Momentary Silence

The forest was silent. Where there should have been birdsong, there was only the sound of the wind howling as it thrust through the charred remains of a thicket. He held out hope that their tree had been untouched, since it stood alone in the center of the clearing, a tall and proud elder watching … Continue reading A Momentary Silence


The Birthday Party

I have a conundrum. Should I celebrate my birthday? Things got a little out of hand at the party. While it wasn’t invitation only, we didn’t expect just anyone to show up, just friends of friends. I don’t even know who invited the vampires in. It’s been an interesting year to say the least. It … Continue reading The Birthday Party


Emmie was a happy child, carefree and always laughing, right up to the day she died. According to the official reports, the fire was an accident. It was speculation that it started as a grease fire in the kitchen, but it was a fact that it spread out through the house and trapped Emmie in … Continue reading Emmie