Treading Water

I am cut and bleeding, but on this battlefield I point the healers towards those fighting to live.   I'm okay. I don't need help.   I am dangling from a rope, but in the canyon below are trapped souls with no escape out.   I'm okay. I'm not down there.   My boat has … Continue reading Treading Water



When you see my face while scrolling on social media   how do you react?   Do you sigh in regret, sink into nostalgia, wishing for what could have been?   Or are you glad that things went the way they did?   Is it an interruption?   Or do you even notice as you … Continue reading Interruption

Between the Stars

In the space between the stars lies floundered potential, too weak to reach the moon, too small to hit a star   There is nothing in the darkness, we assume   But when scientists point their high power telescopes at the black spaces they find more stars