Hiking in the Wilderness 

Dave was regretting his heady behaviour last night, and groaned as he forced himself out of bed, reaching immediately for a bottle of water, and grimacing when he flicked on the lantern. Getting up before sunrise was difficult enough without the added challenge difficulty from having a hangover, but this was what was necessary if … Continue reading Hiking in the Wilderness 


Frog Leg Soup

This story was co-written with one of my tutoring students, Gage. Enjoy our combined chaotic and wacky humour in this story. The deck chairs huddled together, plotting their revenge. There was a frog who liked eating chairs, and it enjoyed them so much it ate them every day. The surviving chairs soon realized that they … Continue reading Frog Leg Soup


Viona didn’t remember much of her early life. She’d never had a father to speak of, and her mother worked quite a lot. They lived in a small home on the edge of the reasonably priced residential section of the city. Her mother taught her to read and would take her to visit the library … Continue reading Viona