The Forest Dingle

Image by Jean-Louis Servais from Pixabay The farmer in the dell Went for a walk in the wood Then came back home With quite the story to tell He strayed off the path To pick a pretty flower Then spied a butterfly And followed it to the heath He was going to turn back But … Continue reading The Forest Dingle


Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, Hung in this Forgotten ancient hall, Who will accept Adventure’s dangerous call? Mirror, Mirror, Can you foresee Their future fate? Shall they face The undead army's hate? Mirror, Mirror Shall your curse Be broken? Shall your human form Finally again be woken? This poem was inspired by dVerse's quadrille prompt: mirror A quadrille … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

Frog Leg Soup

This story was co-written with one of my tutoring students, Gage. Enjoy our combined chaotic and wacky humour in this story. The deck chairs huddled together, plotting their revenge. There was a frog who liked eating chairs, and it enjoyed them so much it ate them every day. The surviving chairs soon realized that they … Continue reading Frog Leg Soup

Moon Bed

cradled in comfortdreaming in a sea of starssleep beneath glass skies Image by Mythical Designs This haiku was inspired by this challenge from Jude at Tales Told Different, who posted four different images of moon beds, asked the readers to write a haiku inspired by one of the images, and then Jude would guess which … Continue reading Moon Bed


Viona didn’t remember much of her early life. She’d never had a father to speak of, and her mother worked quite a lot. They lived in a small home on the edge of the reasonably priced residential section of the city. Her mother taught her to read and would take her to visit the library … Continue reading Viona