Dancing Crows

Crows, crows, crowshanging from a wireCrows hanging by their toes dancing away like wildfire Doves, doves, doveswatching from the groundDoves not getting the movesLooking awkwardly around Crows, crows, crows playing without a careCrows whose bravery growsfollowing each others' dares Doves, doves, doves acting so very mature Doves pretending to not approvesecretly wanting to do the … Continue reading Dancing Crows


Good Intentions

Intensions float in a miasma Wandering blindly Ignoring deadlines Leaving behind Littered excuses Charismatic smiles Hide the mess Anxiety holds Normality captive Gradually forget Expectations Tantalizing success Overshadowed by Mesmerizingly lofty Overachievers Regardless of Realistic goals Only ever focus on What is out of reach . This acrostic poem was written as a pair together … Continue reading Good Intentions

Intensionally Good

Intensions grow like flowersConsistently water themAttentively develop habits Nurture natural skills Challenges will ariseHold onto those goalsAnxiety will comeNever forget your valuesGet up again and againEven when you fall once moreTrees don't grow overnightOvert success takes timeDelayed gratification can beAstoundingly rewarding You need to trust the process . This acrostic poem was written as a … Continue reading Intensionally Good