Loose Laces

Maria’s fingers were cold and she was slowly losing the feeling in them, so she stuck them in her jacket pockets to slightly warm them as she muttered miserably that she should have dug her cotton gloves out from the depths of her dresser after all; she hadn’t expected the cold weather to arrive just yet.

Unlike her, her son Johnny had not noticed any chill in the air, and had at some point surreptitiously unzipped his jacket, causing the two open sides to flap behind him as he ran around the park attempting to tag a girl in a thick grey sweater.

Johnny touched the girl’s shoulder, and pleased with himself for making her “it,” turned around to confidently stride over to the swings which were “safe territory” to catch his breath, but proceeded to trip over a loose shoelace, falling down on his face.

Maria ran over to pick him up; however, he scrambled to his feet before her, insisting that he wasn’t hurt, nor was he cold, and he certainly didn’t need her help to get his shoelaces tied back into a knot, then within a moment he was off and running again while taunting the new boy who had been recently been made “it.”

During the chase that ensued, Johnny had nearly out-sprinted the other boy, who had begun to fall behind and pant slightly, when Johnny, as he was turning the corner just before the sidewalk, tripped due to his once again loose shoelace, landing ungracefully on his bum, and giving the new boy the opportunity to easily tag him.

Maria marched right up to her son, made him sit back down as she struggled but managed to tie his shoelace into a firm double knot with frozen fingers, and insisted that he ought to have his jacket zipped back up before he released him back to playing, his exasperated sigh loud as he scanned for his next target to tag.


This story was inspired by GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Six Sentence Story prompt: knot


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