Guards on Duty

The balloons swayed from the bumper, seemingly cheerful, to the muffled loud music. However, their eyes were slightly narrowed, scanning the parking lot for danger. “Attention, squad,” the commander said, his face grim, “We have a drunkard stumbling out of the east entrance.” The fellow zigzagged across the parking lot, seemingly towards the Honda Civic, … Continue reading Guards on Duty

Familiar Strangers

My eyes rove over the stranger’soddly familiar faceSilently, he observes me,his quiet recognition guarded behind feigned serendipityHe reveals no clues, content with anonymityI resign myself to confusion, partially vexed by his deflection.The tension dissipates from his muscles when my questionsceaseHe gently guides me under starlight to safety,away from the predicament I told no one about … Continue reading Familiar Strangers