Bubbles and Rainbows

Most times, a walk along the beach is merely just that. It’s a magical experience as is; enjoy the sensation of the waves caressing your toes, delight in the antics of the seagulls, and marvel when you find a pretty shell or a piece of sea glass polished perfectly smooth.

On rare occasions, you might grasp a glimpse of a mythical mermaid shyly spying on you, peeking out from behind the arched portal that connects your worlds. Perhaps you can prevent her from silently slipping away when craftily igniting her curiosity by blowing bubbles from the bottle you confiscated from your baby nephew when he became bored and thirsty. Maybe she will in turn slap her tail against the water to generate a mist that magically hangs in the air and creates a rainbow.

Most times, a walk along the beach is merely just that, but it is always magical, and on special occasions, you may even form a friendship with a figure from myth who now awaits your return.

Image credit; Whoisbenjamin@Unsplash

This story was inspired by:

Sadje’s (Keep It Alive) What Do You See photo prompt: (image above) a rock formation extending into water in the shape of a portal/ doorway.

Denise’s (GirlieOnTheEdge) Six Sentence Story prompt: bubble


21 thoughts on “Bubbles and Rainbows

  1. I absolutely love this. I have a favorite stretch of beach and it contains a cave with the silhouette of a woman. I always visit her and pay tribute with a shell or stone. The magic of the ocean is very much real 🙂

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    1. It doesn’t need to be mythical to be a magical experience! 😃
      One particular experience that stands out for me is two years ago when I went on a camping trip to a park on the edge of Lake Huron, and every single morning the beach was a bit different since it rained in the middle of our trip, making the water level rise and then lower again. I got some really neat pictures of the waves that one day when the water level was high and the winds were strong.

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  2. “It doesn’t need to be mythical to be magical”!!!

    Well said, Nicole, is an understatement; a whole book is hidden in that phrase!

    From your story I get a feeling of proximity to the hidden (in plain sight) magic, but expressed with restraints (writing wise).
    Haha…probably did a poor job expressing myself but what did you expect from an impromptu artist?😉

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