Familiar Strangers

My eyes rove over the stranger’soddly familiar faceSilently, he observes me,his quiet recognition guarded behind feigned serendipityHe reveals no clues, content with anonymityI resign myself to confusion, partially vexed by his deflection.The tension dissipates from his muscles when my questionsceaseHe gently guides me under starlight to safety,away from the predicament I told no one about … Continue reading Familiar Strangers

Word Wizards

word wizards prepare poems,creatively crafted to be castand hold awed audiences spellbound after consulting the spell books of previous poets they select carefully considered components to release hidden magical meaningsand grasp the nebulous threads of thought,then weave them with pencil wandsinto a softly spoken spellthat envelops and entices you to listen manipulated by magic feelings … Continue reading Word Wizards

Goblin Mode

Sometimes you need to gointo goblin modeRetreat into yourdark basement cave,Clutching bags of junk food,Watch a trash reality tv show, Snarling at anyone who bothers you with their mere existanceOnce you've had this retreat, the graceful elven princess may once again emerge

Beauty and the Dragon

Sharp tipped talons caress soft petals.Cold grey scales rest on purple velvet.A puff of smoke blends into the shadows.A hiss greets anyone who dares extend a handto pluck the rose.Fragile and ephemeralit deserves the protectionof the doting immortal. . This poem was inspired by this artwork: "Dragon Beauty" by Anne Stokes

The Forboding Fortress

The forboding fortress Stoutly stands on its stony hillProudly percieving any threatThat dares traverse the fallow fields With undisguised disdain Ancient alliances are severedEven empires and enemies endLet their ruined remants remain The past need not impact the present When a new nation naturally arisesAn engima encroaches, enduring The hazardous hills and harsh heatAn adventurer … Continue reading The Forboding Fortress