Support Networks

Although times may be difficult You will pull through just fine With the support of those you love If you get sick or have scare Those around you will make sure You will pull through just fine When you are in need of something You’ll get the help you deserve Those around you will make … Continue reading Support Networks

The Road Taken

Within a yellow wood the road splits into two. Neither are bad or good; the choice resides with you. Take one within your stride, or pause to ponder both and seek help from a guide - You'll still find out the truth. Once a decision is made it cannot be undone. Depart into the shade; … Continue reading The Road Taken


packed boxes outside rooms empty of furniture but not memories thistles and peonies both claim the garden as home both with equal right the house is not locked there's no need for it to be what is there left to protect?

A Novel Idea

The unwritten story is too good to tell: the characters charming, the worldbuilding wonderful, the plot perfect But when you attempt to capture that magic you stumble over stereotypes, slip into sinkholes, and fail to breathe life into cardboard cutouts You make amendments, rewriting history and balancing backstories, inventing new villains, forging calculated conflict The … Continue reading A Novel Idea


They warned not to be consumed by vapid things. Those vapid things would only be the beginning of an utterly meaningless life, and their villainy would trickle down into even the center of your being where the deepest wells of intangible value lie. So I believed that even the little things could not abide within … Continue reading Balance