They warned not to be consumed by vapid things. Those vapid things would only be the beginning of an utterly meaningless life, and their villainy would trickle down into even the center of your being where the deepest wells of intangible value lie. So I believed that even the little things could not abide within … Continue reading Balance

Captured by Desire

It was an awful day for the mage who felt himself flare up with rage since he couldn’t cast a single spell, when along strolled a wandering bard casually singing a cheerful song while fiddling with a magic shard. He glanced up, and stored the shard away from the lingering eyes of the mage with … Continue reading Captured by Desire

The Zandrog

Leandra laced up her hiking boots, then checked over her supplies before placing them into her pockets and backpack before leaving her dorm with a heavy sigh. This was not a mission that she had wanted to be assigned to, but she wasn’t going to let her personal concerns affect anything. She was a professional, … Continue reading The Zandrog