A Year Later

A piece of junk mail with his name had shown up today. Despite the annoying and ineffective attempt to sell a credit card, an envelope that she would have immediately discarded if it had her name on it, she held it tenderly. She would have never imagined longing for the mundane like this. There would … Continue reading A Year Later

The Castle Ruins

Silver moonlight glinted off of the slick stone steps. A light drizzle of rain misted the air, and obscured what loomed in the distance. Behind the howling of the wind, whispers could be heard, but not clearly enough to understand what they spoke about. He climbed the steps hesitantly, cautiously, hand resting on the hilt … Continue reading The Castle Ruins


Emmie was a happy child, carefree and always laughing, right up to the day she died. According to the official reports, the fire was an accident. It was speculation that it started as a grease fire in the kitchen, but it was a fact that it spread out through the house and trapped Emmie in … Continue reading Emmie