A Dream-Forged Artist

The dream tender watches over the flock of ideas, guiding them from the field that they’ve just grazed in to the next lush pasture of inspiration, while making sure that the prowling predators of doubt see no opportunity to attack.

The wordsmith examines the sentence for imperfections, pushes it into the coals, then pulls it back out, red hot, and hammers in a simile that provides a smoother, sharper edge. 

The literary artist steps back from the easel, contemplating the full composition, before darkening the shadow on the villain’s persona to contrast with the highlighting strokes describing the hero.

This story was inspired by Carrot Ranch’s February 20, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about what it means to be a literary artist. You can pull from your own experience, re-imagine the idea, or embody something else in a character. Be playful, go deep, and let your story flow. Go where the prompt leads!

In Charli’s post accompanying the prompt, she reflects deeply on what it means to be a literary artist, and I highly recommend reading her full post if you want to feel inspired and empowered to be something beyond a mere writer.

She describes literary artists as “more than the storytellers of the moment; they are the artistic minds open to the unconscious prompting of our era,” who “do more than spin stories — we spin magic. When we write, we access a part of our brain where few humans dare to go. The imaginal is the deep realm where we dream and the heart still whispers the symbolic language all beings understand.”

She also states, “The more I tend dreams, the better I understand why I’ve connected to the term literary artist. Tending dreams is all the fun stuff I love about creative writing. I can go where an image leads and get blissfully lost. Writer is broad and easy to digest for most, well, writers. Author speaks of professionalism or publishing status and novelist is a specific type of author. We can find many names to fit our roles or identity, but literary artist captures the imagination.”


25 thoughts on “A Dream-Forged Artist

  1. Love the three contrasts of creativity here, especially forging new descriptions and adding the final brushstrokes to make your characters sparkle 🙂 – hadn’t considered it that way before, but the imagery fits perfectly! ❤

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    1. Thanks, Tom 😊
      Charli gave us a really great prompt this week. I love reflecting not just on what we do, but on how magical what we as writers do is, especially when it emboldens us to further explore the depths in our own writing.

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      1. Yup!! Reminds me of this one story from when I was in highschool: My guidance counselor / careers class teacher asked me about my big interests, and when I mentioned writing, she found a technical writing course at a local collage for one potential path for me after high school. 😳😒🙄 Yeah, not what I meant when I said I enjoyed writing.

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