An Anticipated Date

She carefully preened herself in the mirror, making sure that her hair was sleek and smooth, her eyeshadow shimmery, and her lashes long and fluttery, before she finally descended the staircase. It was only right to make sure that she was looking her best for such a special occasion.

It was 5:57, and he had said he would be there at 6:00. Sure enough, just as the antique grandfather clock in the parlor chimed the changing hour, the doorbell rang; he was perfectly punctual, as expected.

She half hoped that he would escort her to one of the fancy dining establishments in the swanky section of the downtown, but it was no surprise at all when he drove past that entire area and continued on into the grittier part of town, finally parking in front of The Roxton Shooting Range, where her superhero training would begin. After all, this was her date with Destiny.

This story was inspired by the prompt that Denise (GirlieOnTheEdge) gave for this week’s Six Sentence Story: date

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29 thoughts on “An Anticipated Date

    1. Thanks, Nick! *steps to the side to research the mirror room technique* Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” sound awesome, and I’d love to go experience seeing that exhibit. I do love to work with repetition to reveal deeper layers, or using a twist to make people reread and see new perspectives.

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      1. * funny thing I don’t know if there is actually such a term as far as writing goes πŸ™‚- I took the liberty to use it from arts*
        That love of yours…shows.

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  1. What an incredible story! I love how you take us on a journey with the protagonist, from the moment she preens in front of the mirror to the unexpected destination for her date. It’s definitely a unique twist on a classic storyline!

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