A Regrettable Request

Alyssa gathered together an eclectic list of ingredients: bread, apple sauce, sardines, tumeric, and sauerkraut.

Her boyfriend, Ryan, returned from the basement, carrying several beers. “What’s all this?” he asked over the sound of the game from the living room, before stepping closer and saying more privately, “I wasn’t planning to start cooking supper for another hour yet. You hungry? I don’t understand what you’re making.” He pulled the lid opener out of the drawer as she put the bread in the toaster.

“No, just making Brodie the sandwich he requested,” she answered in a sickly sweet tone.

“Oh!” Ryan looked back at the clashing ingredients with new understanding, and shared a wicked smile with his sassy girlfriend. He called out loud, “Oh, Brodie, you’re going to love this sandwich,” then whispered to Alyssa, “I will never invite him over again.”

“Awww yeah! Alyssa, you’re such a babe. It’s nice to see a woman these days who actually acts feminine. Too many…”

The couple shared a look with each other. Ryan poked his head into the living room. “Alyssa makes one of a kind sandwiches, the kind you’re never going to forget, and I’m going to make sure you eat every single bite.”


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