Fully Baked

She kept her opinion inside the oven of her mouth, allowing it to finish cooking while the debate on either side of her continued to heat up. Both of their arguments followed old traditional recipes, the strong flavours clashing and unable to meld. She picked out the ingredients that she felt could be mixed together with the correct emulsifier of context, then mentally prepared a garnish of nuance to sprinkle on top. Once her opinion was properly set, she set the dish on the table, then let it rest, allowing the juices to redistribute as both sides reconsidered things.

This story was written in response to Carrot Ranch’s January 30, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about the dishes. It can be the every-single-day activity, a precious collection, or any other interpretation of dishes as objects or activities. Who is stuck with the dishes and why? Go where the prompt leads!


19 thoughts on “Fully Baked

  1. VERY creative take on this prompt! Yes, it takes some time to let the flavors settle, to make a recipe, or a critically considered argument, form into something nourishing and satisfying!

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    1. Thanks, Tom. 😊
      I was struggling with how to tackle this prompt at first – originally I was hoping to tie it in with the blur prompt yesterday, with a comment something like “Ugh, he couldn’t even do the dishes” – but that story grew into something different. Then I thought of “dishing out criticism” and then came up with this.

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  2. If only more folks would be as considerate. For many years I disliked cooking because relatives were so much better – and could tell what spices were in a dish…
    But yes – all opinions need respect. And that isn’t always the case with traditions.

    Well done.

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