The Optimistic Boss

By all rights, she should’ve been seething mad. Her assistant’s blunder caused serious issues regarding scheduling, which would significantly reduce revenue.

Yet, she wasn’t mad. In fact, she cheerfully dealt with all the complications, confusing the anxious assistant. “But isn’t this a bad thing?” the young fellow asked.

“It could be. Or, we can take this extra time as an opportunity to make our product even better, and become even more successful. I’ll tell you a secret: I made a similar blunder when I entered this industry, but effectively under-promised and over-delivered. Now I can afford to hire you.”


This story was written for the Carrot Ranch January 23, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that is optimistic. Feel free to explore optimism in all its forms from a positive mindset to toxic positivity. Is it a heartfelt story or a devious one? So much wiggle room for the optimistic writer. Go where the prompt leads!


20 thoughts on “The Optimistic Boss

      1. I happen to like my bosses. But if they weren’t stressed out, I’d think there was a substance (we’ll stick with Xanax lol) causing them to be more relaxed than usual.

        Also, I’m one of the employees who does what needs to be done while simultaneously knowing that I’m going to get yelled at about something, and if they haven’t figured out something by noon, I’ll find something by 12:30 just to get it over with lol

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