Ever Searching for Healthy Grass

He had dumped his life into one big, messy pile in the center of his small personal room. It was a surprisingly small amount of belongings in the end once he had sorted through what was truly significant and worth remembering, but it was still going to be a pain to fit them all neatly in a pack – yet he was determined to accomplish this task.

Would he have still come to this fae world if he had realized how things were going to turn out? His boyish desires had been so strong, and his distaste for the concrete jungle even more intense, that he had ignored the warnings from those who had tried to prepare him, and even if he had been visited a vision of his older self, he likely would have cockily smirked, thanked the future him for information of what to not do, then gone on anyways, claiming that he’d simply make better decisions once there, ever full of competitive pride.

Now it was once again pride fueling his steps; he had been told that he could stay and try to make the wrongs right if he was sincere in his apology, but that would both require him to admit culpability that he genuinely believed was not his burden to bear, and require the Faerie Queen to relinquish a grudge – and despite how fickle her feelings could seem, he knew how personally she took even the merest slight, and how deeply her anger simmered.

Just as his mother had fled the fae realm before he was born, now so was he leaving the place that by genealogical right should have been his home, returning to his father’s world where he knew he would actually be accepted without such rigorous conditions of unquestioning loyalty; a beautiful world rots into grotesque decay when freedom of thought is a considered a traitorous crime.

Image credit; Sylvian Sarrailh Digiartque


This story was inspired by these prompts:

Sadje’s What Do You See? challenge: the image above

Denise from GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Story challenge: mess (messy)


23 thoughts on “Ever Searching for Healthy Grass

  1. It takes some courage to up and leave like that. I wish him well on his journey to a better realm.
    What a powerful line: “a beautiful world rots into grotesque decay when freedom of thought is
    considered a traitorous crime.”

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