A Required Reset

Lisa found herself at breaking point at the semester’s end. Beyond marking an astounding amount of essays and exams, her Cuba trip during winter break was ruined because her Visa application was denied. The weight of stress was crushing her, with no let-up in sight.

In a fit of anxiety she broke off her TA contracts for the spring semester. When the department head confirmed her release, she realized she had cut off all of her income for the next few months. However, she also felt an excitement for the future that she hadn’t known for a long time.


This story was written in response to these prompts:

Girlie on the Edge’s 6 Sentence Story prompt: Visa

Carrot Ranch‘s January 2, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a sabbatical. Who needs one or has had one? What kind of tension could a rest create? Where can a break take your story? Go where the prompt leads!


38 thoughts on “A Required Reset

  1. Often “choices” are made for us. Not necessarily directly or intentionally but rather from fear, frustration or plain old bad luck. Yet often, buried amidst the wreckage is hidden opportunity. As Mr. Bell suggested, “sometimes when a door closes, a window opens” (roughly quoted).

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  2. Surely the verb ‘Leap’ is the only one used in this ‘better the advisor than the advised’

    (Guess a: “Leisurely stroll of Faith’ just doesn’t have the same pizazz. lol)

    Fun Six

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  3. Fabulous response, Nicole, to the prompt that Charli set. I like that you didn’t use the word sabbatical.

    Like you, I write what I want, check the word count, and start chopping out words to get it down to 99 words. Well done. ~nan

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    1. Thanks, Nan. Whenever I combine Charli’s prompts with Denise’s six sentence story prompts, I find that I need to focus on the six sentencs first. It’s far easier to cut out or add in words overall than trying to include or exclude a full sentence. I’m surprised how often I manage to make them work together in a 99 word, 6 sentence story.

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  4. I’ve never done that six sentence story prompts, but I can see where you’d have to start with that. Yeah, it is just the random word here or there that gets cut most of the time. The sentences need to be there. Well done, Nicole.

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