The Band

Keagan fidgeted with the band holding the bundle of brand new books together, hoping that he had purchased the correct set for his upcoming university course, while waiting for his friend to arrive at their meeting spot outside of the campus store.

Lucas, in the midst of a band of excited first years that he probably accumulated from the university’s Welcome Fair event, strode up and exclaimed, “Hey, there’s my buddy,” as he leaned on Keagan’s shoulder. 

Keagan shrugged Lucas off, glanced around at the group that now surrounded him, noticing a diverse collection of people including an average seeming fellow in a pale blue polo shirt, a punk girl with a band of neon green dyed in a zigzag pattern across her hair, and a half-distracted girl with Ugg boots and a cardigan who was texting, and commented quietly, “I thought that we were supposed to go on the campus tour together?”

“Yeah, we are,” Lucas confirmed, striding on down the corridor, “it starts in five minutes, so we gotta get going,” and the group that had slightly dispersed banded back together to sweep along behind him.

Keagan sighed, before half-reluctantly following the crowd, flabbergasted at how quickly Lucas made new friends, while up ahead his extroverted friend pointed at the poster of a rock band advertising its gig at the campus bar that evening, loudly proclaiming how they all needed to go see them, and that he’d personally drag his hermit friend along if need be.

When they arrived, the tour guide had already started their speech about the various buildings on campus, and was explaining that “illicit drugs are banned everywhere on campus, including in your private dorm rooms,” but that didn’t stop Lucas from shouting a hearty, “Hi there,” which was received with a glare, and Keagan from face palming and regretting waiting around an extra ten minutes for this particular experience.


This story was inspired by this prompt from Girlie on the Edge’s Six Sentence Story: Band


23 thoughts on “The Band

      1. I had to take a bus, after my car had a bad boo-boo. That wasn’t terribly fun.

        I’ve more or less retired about 5 years now.
        I basically started ‘working’ since I was 9 (babysitting…) – Enjoying this new stage.
        Different though now that hubby has also retired 😉

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  1. Good use of the prompt word in each sentence here and a great description of the motely crowd of people one meets at the start of a university course. Also of introvert meets extrovert and the feelings that gives rise to.

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  2. Who among us didn’t have ‘a Lucas’ in college? lol (Always thought of college, in socialization terms, as being high school as adult try-outs.

    fun Six. Excellent detail (for flash-backs and such)

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