A Cat’s Dilemma

Today, I was sorely tricked
When upstairs my owner frolicked.
To go to her cozy bedroom?
No, alas, to use the nasty washroom!
Perhaps if I were persuasive,
Make my desire so decisive,
Then she'd have to agree to cuddle
As we enjoy life on idle...

I followed her up, but was conned
I am left here abandonned!
For downstairs she departs
Off to other me-less parts!
I put in all this effort!
Used my legs, had no teleport.

Do I stay, and pretend she's near,
Still waiting for her to appear?
Or go search for where she went,
Perhaps cuddle in the furnished basement?
Or maybe meow, meow, meow,
Insisting she return right now?

Oh, is it really that much to ask?
Is cuddling such a bothersome task?

5 thoughts on “A Cat’s Dilemma

    1. Based on real life events, haha. My poor cat desperately wanted cuddles last night, and followed me around up and down stairs as I got the kettle going, went up to the washroom, back down to retrieve my tea, then finally back up to settle down with a book. She got her exercise following me everywhere šŸ˜„

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      1. New story: today while gathering laundry from the whole house for my family, and bringing the multiple baskets down for separate loads, my cat first followed me up and down the stairs, then realized that I was just continuously moving, and sat down in the middle of the stairs, meowing at me to say, “I’m not moving til you make up your mind about where you’re going to be, and stay there!”

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