Cats and Wildflowers

A wildflower said to a cat, 
"I admire you, and so
I decided to be just like you." 

The cat looked confused,
"But how are you like me? 
There's only differences I see." 

"The flower proudly declared,
"In our independence we're the same. 
We both are wild, and will not be tame." 

The cat looked thoughtful,
"I don't have many needs at all,
And my owner ignores you, I do recall." 

The flower brightly smiled,
"She never planted me.
I chose to live here for free." 

The cat laughed out loud, 
"She never bought me either. 
I was a stray who adopted her." 

The woman stepped outside, 
then watched her cat drink from a puddle 
made from rain that made the flower not dwindle, 

and she thought to herself, 
"I have a perfect, easy-going pet,
and the perfect garden too yet." 

8 thoughts on “Cats and Wildflowers

    1. Thanks! I had this as a concept that I wanted to do for a while – that wildflowers are like cats because they’re independent – but I wasn’t happy with anything that I was writing while I was trying to write it so straightforwardly. Then when I thought of the idea of a conversation, that finally made it work.

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  1. I love this. It made me think of Alice in Wonderland—it had the whimsy of a conversation I’d expect to be found amongst the crazy characters of Lewis Carroll. I love how you are exploring the idea of freedom from both their perspectives and the woman’s.

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