Axelle’s Quandary

Axelle had always found magic to be a fairly easy concept to grasp. She never bothered herself with the theory of how it happened; she just focused on what she wanted, and enjoyed the results. Additionally, she was notoriously strong willed, which when combined with a word of power, left a strong impact on the world around her.

That was until she found herself cursed with bad luck. A series of failures in various parts of her life rocked her confidence, and then, in the middle of a fight with an enemy who was significantly stronger than her, she reached for the one thing that she had always been able to count on, and found it lacking. Seeing the look of utter fear in her eyes, he taunted her further, laughing at her stumbling feet and trembling hands as she struggled to perform a spell that had been so thoughtlessly natural to her, but that she now fumbled casting. She felt the power come into her fingers, yet when she sought to release it, it fizzled away harmlessly. When she tried to recall the steps that she ought to take to cast it, her memory felt hazy, and she was unable to clearly recall what she had done in the past.

Frightened for more than one reason, Axelle fled the battlefield, despite knowing what the rumours would say about her. She wasn’t a quitter, but she also knew when what she was doing was fruitless. She needed to find a place to recuperate, and figure out what had gone wrong. Perhaps she had held her fingers at the wrong angle, or used too high a pitch when chanting.

She attempted to calm her mind. Deep breath in, and out. Focus only on the spell that she wanted to cast.

But her mind wouldn’t focus, or remain calm. Her stomach was twisted in knots, and her lungs were squeezed so that she could only breath shallowly.

Previously, her life had seemed so simple. Raised in the lap of luxury, she had never truly known need, and had never been forced to exercise patience. And most of all, she always knew what she wanted.

Since, nothing in her world was correct anymore. Everything had been exposed to have a deeper layer beneath it, and the motivations of the people she had loved the most were revealed to be corrupt.

Axelle no longer knew what she wanted.

Well… she did know… but she couldn’t merely wiggle or flick her fingers and produce peace, or turn back time. As for how to live within the time that she was currently stuck in…

Her enemy rounded the corner. Why were they enemies? Axelle couldn’t remember how that had begun. Had it really been her opinion, or had it been one that she had been given as an inheritance? And why had the previous owner held that opinion? Should she trust any lingering assumptions formed in the time of her childhood naivety? As she glanced up at the man she had been fighting, and felt her heart swell, she realized that she had in actually discarded that label of ‘enemy’ for him long ago, and her brain had just caught up with that fact.

She was ready to officially switch sides, burn bridges, and form new alliances. She looked at the man who she wished to label ‘friend’, and clearly stated so.

He was confused, obviously, but listened to her soliloquy even if with it was with a guarded expression.

When one of his enemies chanced upon them, Axelle had no problem remembering precisely how to cast a powerful and complex spell that perfectly incapacitated him, allowing the two of them to saunter away while further discussing her transition from enemy to friend. Finally, something felt correct again.

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