The Gryphons

there were warnings
not to take those paths; 
never linger near the nests,
beware when feathers ruffle, 
and respect the royal truce 

but a different king in the castle 
desiring dangerous convenience 
decreed garish rewards to those 
who revealed the monsters muffled,
and the land trembled in terror 

let the legends linger long,
the memories of those who mourn 
mimic the glory that once glowed,
until feet shift and shuffle
when their extinction is evident 

yet voices grumble 
accepting no accountability 
glaringly asking why their generation is accused 

when feathers ruffle, 
reveal the monsters muffled; 
feet shift and shuffle


This poem was inspired by this prompt from the Carrot Ranch Literary Community: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features feathers. It can be a single feather or more. Where did the feather come from? Does it hold meaning to the character or story? Go where the prompt leads!

7 thoughts on “The Gryphons

  1. There’s a deep, rich strength to this piece, Nicole. Perhaps it’s the fantasy/medieval atmosphere, I can’t be sure, but I fell right in. However, I do know if there’s a truce to be had, it better be kept. Those willing to break it, will be sure to lose more than any other. Monarchies and their insatiable greed, makes for great stories, not so great histories. Intriguing take on the prompt, wonderful writing.

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