Silver for Sale (part 8)

For the beginning of the story, click to read Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 3.5Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7

Recap: While under orders to figure out the mystery of what happened in an abandoned mansion, Tyla, royal historian, met Zayn, opportunistic burglar, and the two began to figure out that the Royal Advisor, Vellenio, had been planning to create a transformation potion in order to steal someone’s else identity for nefarious purposes.

Tyla and Zayn snuck down into Vellenio’s dungeon to free Edwin Travellyn.


Zayn had to think fast about how to deal with the guard captain, and grabbed a random bowl on a nearby table, declaring, “Aha, there it is at last – the bowl that Vellenio needs for the magical ceremony tonight!”

The guard captain lifted a suspicious eyebrow, one of the guards asked, “Can I finish my soup first?” and Zayn peered past both of them, hoping that Tyla had scurried out of sight.

“Can I have my soup back?” the guard repeated, and Zayn put it back down with a nervous laugh while muttering, “Sorry, wrong bowl,” while the guard captain continued to glare at him.

“Why aren’t you at a tavern frenetically chugging down ale after ale?” the captain asked, eyes roving around the dungeon to figure out what Zayn could be after, and Zayn felt the need to make a deluge of odd and increasingly stranger noises to keep the captain’s attention on him, and the attention of every other guard in the dungeon, giving Tyla the chance to sneak past them without getting caught, hopefully, while the guards questioned out loud if he had genuinely lost his sanity.


Tyla pulled her magical skeleton key out of her pocket (absolute best tool for dealing with obsolete locks with no matching key in ancient parts of the kingdom), and used it to release a grateful Edwin from his cell, while silently thanking Zayn for making yet another distraction, so that she and Edwin could sneak around the perimeter of the room and scurry up the stairs.

Once around the first bend in the stairwell, Tyla paused, and remembering Zayn’s failed bluff, decided to attempt a second rescue, calling out in her best imitation of Vellenio’s voice, “Zayn, why is it taking you so long to fetch that bowl?”


This story is continued here.


While writing, I challenged myself to include these prompts:

GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Story challenge – bowl

Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challenge – past, fast, last

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – repeat

Word of the Day Challenge – frenetic

Your Daily Word Prompt – obsolete

Ragtag Daily Prompt – deluge

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      1. P.S. started releasing that second fantasy story you were interested in – I’ve split it into 8 weekly parts so hopefully it’ll flow well! ❤

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