Silver for Sale (part 6)

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Recap: While under orders to figure out the mystery of what happened in an abandoned mansion, Tyla, royal historian, met Zayn, opportunistic burglar, and the two began to figure out that the Royal Advisor, Vellenio, had been planning to create a transformation potion in order to steal someone’s else identity for nefarious purposes. Zayn had been hired by Vellenio to steal the magic chalice that he needed, but thanks to meeting Tyla, Zayn was no longer interested in helping Vellenio.


Zayn had not expected that when he made his promise to the historian – Tyla, as she had asked him to call her – that he would be sneaking into Vellenio’s office to figure out which identity he had planned to steal, or that he would indeed have to directly face Vellenio himself since deciding to betray him and his secrets. Despite the throng of servants, and him attempting to hide behind their skirts and baggy trousers, his old boss still noticed him sitting casually against the hallway wall, and looked relieved to see him, asking him if he’d found the chalice with a wicked gleam in his eye.

Thankfully, Tyla had thought about the risks that he’d likely have to face, and, although reluctantly, had taken a different silver chalice out a local museum to give him to present to Vellenio if needed, and the evil politically important guy almost began laughing maniacally when he held it in his hands, declaring, “I finally have the lynchpin for my plan!”

Pleased with his glibness, Zayn wondered if he could lure Vellenio to revealing more information, and stated ambiguously, “According to the clouds and the stars at midnight, today is an excellent day for making dicey decisions and taking risks.”

Both of Vellenio’s eyebrows rose, and after a moment of processing, he laughed excitedly, and patting Zayn on the shoulder, declared, “I had been worried about my plan not happening at all, when you took so long to return with the chalice, but now here you are, and further suggesting that I accelerate my plan and begin the final stage still tonight… yes… yes, we can be prepared for the final stage in less than six hours – Quinn,” he called to a passing servant, “cut a lock of hair from Edwin Travellyn, then meet me at the place of power.”

Zayn was torn between the decision of sticking around to figure out where the place of power was, or returning to Tyla immediately with the information that at least one of the Travellyns was being held captive in Vellenio’s dungeon.


This story is continued here.


Each section of this story is exactly 6 sentences long since the first part was inspired by a prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Six Sentence Story challenge.

While writing, I also challenged myself to include these prompts:

Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challengepromise, skirt, clouds

Fandango’s One Word Challengelure

Fandango’s One Word Challengeglib

Ragtag Daily Promptbaggy trousers

Ragtag Daily Promptsix

Your Daily Word Promptthrong

Your Daily Word Promptdicey



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      1. Hm – difficult to say. Not sure I’d be brave enough to worm my way out if there’s that many witnesses around. Hope Zayn finds his opportunity to sneak away soon!

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