Silver for Sale (part 5)

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Recap: While under orders to figure out the mystery of what happened in an abandoned mansion, Tyla, royal historian, met Zayn, opportunistic burglar, and after being distrustful of him, gave him the opportunity to help her expose his most recent employer’s nefarious plan that would most likely harm many people.


Tyla didn’t expect the burglar to care about other people besides himself, or to even actually listen to her concerns, but he surprised her when he sincerely responded, “Then that confirms that I am completely done working for Vellenio, and I will instead help you in whatever way I can – Oh hey, I think that’s the chalice!”

Predictably, he caressed it with his fingertips, tracing the jewels set in the middle of silver filigree on each of the four sides of the fancy cup, but then handed it to her; it was certainly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, but nothing stood out to her immediately that explained its importance.

Her eyes went to where the chalice had been, and all of the items that had been on the table beside it: a bottle of anise seeds, cedar bark, cornflower petals, dandelion leaves, a piece of ebony, a piece of quartz, lavender, hawthorn, nettle, and likely more tucked away in the draws of the desk – all various ingredients for potion or spell making.

She inspected the inside of the chalice, and sure enough, it was engraved with the ancient fae script, which correlated with the old story that one of the Travellyn ancestors had been gifted something special by the Faerie Queen as gratitude for an act of kindness.

“I may not know precisely what Vellenio’s plan is, but I have a strong hunch that he wants this chalice to help him brew himself a powerful potion, and if we could figure out what ingredients he’s gathering, we would have a fairly good idea that what he’s likely planning.”

“I, uh, overheard through his window that he had instructed another person to pick a large amount of fluxweed and capture several will o’ wisps before I was called into his office for my job interview,” the burglar stated, and Tyla felt chills run down her body, because she now suspected that one major part of Vellenio’s plan involved forbidden transformation magic and identity theft.


This story is continued here.


Each section of this story is exactly 6 sentences long since the first part was inspired by a prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Six Sentence Story challenge.

While writing, I also challenged myself to include these prompts:

Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challengewisp, caress, fingertips

Word of the Day Challengeinterview

Word of the Day Challengeforbidden

Ragtag Daily Promptwindow


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