Silver for Sale (part 4)

For the beginning of the story, click to read Part 1Part 2, Part 3, and Part 3.5

Recap: Tyla, the royal historian tasked to figure out the mystery of what happened in an abandoned mansion, met Zayn, an opportunistic burglar, in the parlor of the mansion, and suspects that he could be working for the crooked advisor of the king who she is certain is connected to the disappearance of the family who owned the mansion.


Zayn was starting to get the feeling that there was a bigger story going on involving this mansion than he had previously realized, what with the historian asking such a pointed question and him having been hired by the person who she was most likely inquiring about, if he’d caught her drift correctly, and he was getting uncomfortable being stuck in the middle of it, knowing barely anything of what was going on; feeling no loyalty to anyone beyond whoever had the most immediate power over him, he broke the secrecy that he’d been sworn to when he replied, “Yeah, an important looking guy said that he’d pay me to come here and find a silver object for him, plus that I’d get to keep whatever else I found here.”

The historian’s eyes went wide, and she excitedly asked, “The silver candelabra?” before her eyes narrowed and she asked, “why are you being so cooperative?”

“No, a silver chalice that I haven’t come across yet,” he corrected, then after a moment’s thought answered, “mostly because I really dislike interacting with the royal guards, and they are quite skilled in hunting down people, but also partly because you are far more pleasant to deal with than an old, ornery man, and maybe I’m waiting for the right opportunity to ask you if I can buy you a drink,” he teased, thinking that maybe flirtation would win him some favour.

Or, it could backfire and cause her to look at him even more suspiciously, and make him question why he followed every and any idea that came to his head, but thankfully, she decided to overlook his comment, and focus on her mission, asking, “Is there any area of this mansion where you haven’t searched for the chalice yet?”

Zayn lead the way down to the basement, the area that he had been deliberately leaving for last and potentially not at all, glad that he wasn’t going to have to descend into the darkness of the underground space alone, but he tried to hide his residual fear with an airy tone as he inquired, “So, this situation that I seem to have unwittingly found myself in goes far deeper than just an abandoned mansion and some silver chalice – there is some level of rivalry between you and the important old guy, correct?”

The historian did not answer immediately, and Zayn couldn’t really blame her for deciding that he wasn’t trustworthy, considering how he had basically proved himself disloyal to his latest employer (though he didn’t think that he was generally a disloyal person, but rather that he struggled to find people who earned his loyalty), until she surprised him by explaining, “I do have personal history with Vellenio, but my current concerns go beyond that – Vellenio wanted the Travellyn family off of this property and out of the area for some underhanded reason, and considering just how insistent and secretive he has been, I want to figure out what it is and expose him so that I can foil whatever it is that he has planned, because I believe that whatever it is will be harmful to either the king or the kingdom.”


This story is continued here.


Each section of this story is exactly 6 sentences long since the first part was inspired by a prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Six Sentence Story challenge.

I also challenged myself to include these prompts while writing:

Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challenge #635airy, tease, and drift

Fandango’s One-Word Challengeidea

Word of the Day Challengehead

Your Daily Word Promptornery

13 thoughts on “Silver for Sale (part 4)

    1. Thanks! It’s been a bit of a different writing experience, since I have to make sure that what I write next doesn’t contradict anything that I’ve already posted, lol. It’s been incredibly fun though 🙂

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    1. Thanks! 😀 It sometimes feels like I need to wrangle the story together, especially to include all of the prompt words that I chose to challenge myself with, lol, so I’m glad that the end result is well received 🙂

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