Silver for Sale (Part 3.5)

For the beginning of the story, click to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Recap: Tyla, the royal historian tasked to figure out the mystery of what happened in an abandoned mansion, met Zayn, an opportunistic burglar, in the parlor of the mansion, and suspects that he could be working for the crooked advisor of the king who she is certain is connected to the disappearance of the family who owned the mansion.


Vellenio paced in his office. The solstice was quickly approaching, and it was becoming increasingly clear that he had hired a nincompoop to do his dirty work for him, which was increasingly frustrating after all of his carefully played chicanery to drive away the Travellyn family. How difficult was it to search an empty mansion before the royal historian accidentally stumbled upon the silver chalice that he needed, and put it in a museum or someplace stupid like that? After the chilling runaround he’d already had to give Tyla, he wanted to deal with her at little as possible.


This story is continued here.


This little side-hop in the story was inspired by this prompt from the Carrot Ranch Literary Community: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features a solstice. What is the era and setting? Use the solstice as a celebration, metaphor, or talking point. Go where the prompt leads!

I also challenged myself to include these prompts while writing:

Fandango’s One-Word Challengerunaround

Word of the Day Challengechills

Your Daily Word Promptchicanery


20 thoughts on “Silver for Sale (Part 3.5)

  1. Another mashup! Some of my favorite recurring characters had their start in six sentences and sometimes also 99 words. I have been missing Six Sentence Stories of late, so this is new to me, but I get a good sense of his character from this. Cool.

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  2. I love using the 99 word prompts to write parts/scenes of a longer story. How great is it for pulling ideas from the nether? I’ve found it powerfully inspiring and am glad to find other writers doing the same/something similar.

    This character comes alive through his frustrations, I’ll have to check back and read the previous parts soon. Great take on the prompt Nicole!

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