Silver for Sale

Tyla strode across the room, oil lamp in hand, her crystal blue eyes scanning the hardwood floor for any remnant to use as evidence for her theory of what had happened in this mansion, and why it had been quietly left abandoned some time ago. If she judged correctly, the previous owners had made their decision to leave quite quickly, since there were plenty of trinkets and useful household items that had been left behind, while the closets and pantry had been emptied thoroughly.

She was startled by a gruff sound in an adjacent room, and held her breath after her involuntary yelp to listen for any clues who it could be, then extinguished her lamp and stepped into a darkened corner of the room when she heard footsteps and judged that they were coming towards her.

A man dressed in dark clothing entered the room, and was looking around it, likely searching for her, until his eyes alighted on the display case with porcelain tea cups and dainty silver spoons, then marched right to it, looting the spoons and stuffing them into an already half full sack.

Tyla stepped out of the shadows, her quiet exit ruined by the creak of an old floorboard, drawing the attention of the burglar, who spun around with an oddment of lace, perhaps a doily, still in his greedy fingers. He looked scared until he noticed her historian’s badge pinned to her coat, and though he still looked uncomfortable under her disapproving glare, he boldly stated, “It’s not my fault that they abandoned this place years ago and left all this stuff free for the taking.”  


This story is continued here.


This story was inspired by 4 different prompts:

GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Story challenge with the prompt word remnant.

Pensivity101’s Three Things challenge with the prompt words judge, oddment, and lamp.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge with the prompt word fault.

Word of the Day challenge with the prompt word loot.

39 thoughts on “Silver for Sale

    1. I’m glad that you feel like this was a good break in the story. I too, am interested to see where this goes, lol. I knew that I couldn’t finish the story that I had started in 6 sentences, so I thought I’d stay true to the story and not try to rush it.

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  1. Nice try, Mr. Burglar, but wishful thinking if you think she will fall for that line. 😂 Looking forward to see where you next SSS will take this story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice work creating tension, which, at least to me, is not as easy as it seems it should be… there’s something about maintaining the other characters presence, (in the mind of the Reader), all the while describing a threat and it’s drawing near.
    Good Six!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the immediate “what happened here” element right from the start and curious to its conclusion. Since I know there’s a 2nd 6 coming up next to either answer some questions or create more, I am off to read that post haste 😁

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