Captured by Desire

It was an awful day for the mage 
who felt himself flare up with rage
since he couldn’t cast a single spell, 
when along strolled a wandering bard
casually singing a cheerful song
while fiddling with a magic shard. 

He glanced up, and stored the shard 
away from the lingering eyes of the mage
with nary a pause in his lilting song,
which merely fueled the building rage
that was now directed at the bard
for who was he to have the component of a spell? 

He stealthily-ish crept behind for a spell,
hand extended to steal the shard
boldly from the pocket of the bard,
who looked over his shoulder at the mage,
his jolly countenance drifting to rage
as he stopped and paused his song.

“That was an interesting song,” 
the mage sputtered, knowing this could spell
danger for him, and the confused rage
in the bard subsided to merely a shard 
of what had been aimed at the mage 
who still stood awkwardly behind the bard. 

“I composed it myself,” bragged the bard
as he whipped out a lute to accompany the song 
to the alarm of the startled mage 
who endured being serenaded for a spell
while he still longed for the shard. 
It still seemed to him an outrage 

that it wasn’t his. So swelled his rage
that he snarled at the bard 
to hand over the magic shard. 
The bard’s eyes narrowed, and his song 
swelled with the magic of a spell 
that he wove around the flustered mage. 

So the shard that had caused such rage
captured the mage at the will of the bard 
whose song carried the magic of a spell. 


This poem was inspired by the Sunday writing prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: poetic justice.

The poetic form that I used is a sestina.

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