Entitled and Manipulated

Shallyn sighed at the sounds of yelling erupting from the house as she approached the front door, and paused, waiting for a lull, before ringing the doorbell twice. The voices both fell silent mid argument, as if someone had pointed a remote at them and hit mute, which in retrospect, Shallyn had basically done.

The door opened, revealing the couple both wearing forced smiles that they had pulled out of their back pockets which barely reached their eyes, and they welcomed her into the house. Clarissa tried to discretely clean up the glass from the broken vase, while Daniel acted as nonchalantly as possible by making small talk about the fact that there could be rain that evening.

When he said, “Let’s go sit down in the living room while Clarissa puts on a pot of coffee and pulls out the cake,” Clarissa’s eyes shot daggers into his back, and Shallyn noticed her mutter to herself, “I’m not your pawn.”

Shallyn started to follow Daniel, but turned back and stated, “I can cut the cake.”


Inspired by this prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Story challenge: Pawn

16 thoughts on “Entitled and Manipulated

  1. What an awkward moment! I give Shallyn a lot of credit for even ringing the doorbell. Under the same circumstances, I may have turned around, driven off and called Clarissa and Daniel with an excuse for cancelling.
    Use of the prompt word was nicely executed!

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