Hermit and Raven

Within a secluded forest glade
sits a wise old hermit 
wearing a crown of jade,
on his shoulder, a corvid 

The ever curious and watchful pair
have learnt all the secrets:
the location of the ogre’s lair,
the feuds and quarrels of the ferrets

If you wish to know their wisdom
you must first earn your merit:
a shiny bauble for the raven,
an intriguing riddle for the hermit 

Beware the things they prophesy,
take note of every omen
suggesting a conspiracy 
within the world of men 

Some fight bitterly with others for a fortune 
others are content with the beauty of a tune 


This is part of my April poetry writing challenge (NaPoWriMo) where I post a poem every day in April for National Poetry Month. This year I decided to write 30 poems based on the theme of A Fairy Forest In Spring.

This poem is based on the prompt raven.

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