Seeds of Love

A cozy cottage
built of strong stone
around it growing greenery
both delicious and decadent 

The wistful witch 
ponders while plucking
herbs for heroes 
who purchase her potions

Her longing love lingers
appearing in the atmosphere
while vibrant vegetation 
and flowers flourish 

When weary with waiting 
solemnly for someone
she forgets her fears
while grounded in her garden 

She doesn’t doubt the good
of letting life begin 
even if evidentially not 
what she previously planned 


This is part of my April poetry writing challenge (NaPoWriMo) where I post a poem every day in April for National Poetry Month. This year I decided to write 30 poems based on the theme of A Fairy Forest In Spring.

This poem is based on the prompt garden.

7 thoughts on “Seeds of Love

      1. cos that mekong is warned against in the good buch. and the again i mesh God and dog. so who se the blasphemer? and whose fishin for a follow and a compliment? soy yo!


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