A Necessary Part of the Proceedings

“Sir Gilbert, on trial for treachery and desertion,” one of his guards announced as they marched him into the bright throne room. He squinted up at the Queen, who stared haughtily back at him, clearly annoyed at the distraction from her leisure activities.

“Off with his head,” she said emotionlessly, stifling a yawn.

Gilbert’s jaw dropped. “I have an explanation for my actions. Don’t I have the right to defend myself?”

“This that really a necessary part of the proceedings?” the Queen asked her advisor.

“It is,” he agreed.

“Fine,” she sighed, rolling her eyes. “Then explain yourself, traitor.”


Inspired by this prompt from the Carrot Ranch Literary Community: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the word frozen. It can be descriptive, character focused, action driven. Go out onto the ice and find a frozen story. Go where the prompt leads!

5 thoughts on “A Necessary Part of the Proceedings

      1. She certainly is! At first she seems deliberately dismissive about ending someone’s life but then grudgingly pays by the book; great layered character!

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