From Longing to Belonging


A warm breeze playfully rustled through branches, bent down to overturn a few leaves, swept her hair to the side, and circled her, searching her face, then sat down beside her. She looked up from her reverie and gazed out at the church. Curious, the breeze rushed out to the church, flying over the tips of the long grass. All was still about the church, yet not calm. Nothing was visually out of place, but there was an unusual heaviness that slowed the breeze down and drained its warmth.

The breeze searched the ruins, investigating each cracked stone and faded wooden beam, yet noticed nothing. Meanwhile, even the bright sunlight turned cold.

She entered, her tattered wedding dress sweeping leaves across the floor, covering each of them with a layer of frost. The breeze stilled in her presence, waiting respectfully as she walked down the aisle, tall and dignified.

“Is it finally time?”

The breeze looked around, but no one else had entered. Worried that it was infringing on a personal moment, it respectfully sought out the doorway.

“Why are you leaving?”

She had turned around and stood staring at the doorway. Confused, the breeze looked around, spinning in a tight circle, wondering who she was speaking to.

“I know you’re there! I can feel you.” She strode towards the doorway and snatched a leaf that the breeze had overturned. She held it up to the doorway.

The breeze awkwardly backed away, deciding to use a different exit since there was obviously something significant happening at this doorway. It tried to move slowly, but still accidently overturned another leaf. She spun around, her eyes magnetically drawn to the leaf. The breeze shot up, escaping through the crumbling roof.

“I don’t understand,” she cried out, “Why would you come to me and bring me here, then leave? Stop taunting me!” She crumpled to the floor, her frozen tears shattering as they hit the stone floor. “Come back. I… I need you,” she whispered, the barest of sounds escaping, yet they reverberated within the walls, each echo louder than the last, until it became a shout that compelled the breeze to return. He seeped back through the slats and hovered around the beams. “Why was I too proud to ever say it? I need you,” she repeated, voice still trembling. He was pulled down to stand in front of her. “I need you, because I love you. I want you at my side forever.” she declared, voice loud and sure.

He materialized. With a place to be, all of his being settled back into bones and muscles. He felt the warmth of the air on his skin, and the strength in his heart as he reached down to her, offering her his hands. As she stood up, her eyes focused on only him, he finally knew.

He swept her hair to the side and leaned in to kiss her for the first time.


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