Stifling Security

He offered her something that no one else had ever been able to give her. She stood there, caught in the middle of a decision that would fulfill all her dreams, but have consequences that she wasn’t sure that she was willing to face. She had always said that she would leave, but had never imagined that it could be a reality. She looked from the golden clouds to the solid castle behind her.

His face watched hers intently, confused by her hesitation. All playfulness from his staged reluctance to allow her onboard faded into anxious pleading.

Behind them, the shimmering sky dimmed. As magic interfered with electrical current, the engine coughed, and the ship dropped lower in the air. Blue sky poked out between the clouds.

He fired up the thrusters, keeping a wary eye on the few remaining clouds. The look of hurt resignation on his face solidified her decision, and she flung herself from the balcony. Although their colliding bodies rocked the ship dangerously, their carefree laughter as they embraced made filled the air.

She never looked back as they crossed the barrier between realms.



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