The Child


I sat, staring at the wall, simply dreaming. In front of me a tiny little bug steadily climbed up and up, going to somewhere higher up, braving the adventure of going into the unknown. I imagined travelling out to some far away, unknown field. This field would of course be full of mice and rabbits and birds, all waiting for me to catch them. I closed my eyes in contentment and rested my chin on the edge of my bed, imagining the satisfaction of the chase.

Something pulled on my tail. I sleepily turned my head around just as a hand began to stroke my hair backwards. Any chance for a peaceful nap was completely gone. The child was home.

So I got up, stretched, and jumped off the shelf. It was clearly time to go find another spot to sleep.

“Come back Molly.”

I obviously didn’t come back. I happen to prefer my fur being stroked the correct direction, thank you very much. Ah, but where to go? The basement was a definite option.

The child was much more determined today. It decided to follow me, a rather unfortunate situation. Still, the child didn’t like the basement, so I should have been safe going there. It complained that it was scared of the dark. Honestly, I don`t know what the thing was talking about. The dark is really quite wonderful.

Then I felt another tug on my tail. “Molly.” Ugh, that whiney voice. “Come back.” And my poor tail!

“Arabella, leave the cat alone.”

Finally a voice of reason!

“But Mommy, why doesn’t it want to be petted?”

Since when was the brat petting me? Forcing fur in the wrong direction isn’t petting!

“Perhaps Molly just wants to go sleep somewhere.”

“But why?”

Kid, don’t you go to school for a reason? Aren’t they supposed to teach you these things? When we employ our staff, there are several criteria that we expect: food, warm shelter, attention on demand, and privacy and peace when we so desire. Obviously it could barely be pulling in a D, if not lower.

“She probably wants to continue her dream about mice.”

The mother is a clever one though. It’s as though she had just read my mind and known about my dream in the unexplored field. She really does understand us cats.

“But she’s boring when she sleeps.”

I’m boring? And it’s not boring when it sleeps? Really, the thing makes no sense. Besides, so what if I am boring. It’s not like I’m here to entertain the staff like a dog would be. Really, the thing needs to learn to be more grateful that I decide to honour it with my presence.

“Hey! There’s cat hair on my sweater again!”

The head of the staff entered the room with my bed. Why does he always feel the need to steal my bed? Is it really too much to ask for a nice comfortable place to lie down to sleep?

“Well, did you leave the closet door open again?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. I thought we trained the cat to stay out of it.”

Hey, whoa, did I hear that correctly? Trained? Dogs require training, not cats.

“She’s a cat, Edward. She doesn’t care whether she’s supposed to go in there or not. If it’s a comfortable place, she’ll sleep there, regardless of whether you get mad or no.”

It’s not just that I don’t care, it’s my right as the cat of this household to sleep wherever I please.

“Now I’m going to have to wash it since we’ve run out of lint rollers, again. And those things aren’t so cheap either. They shouldn’t be so expensive, it’s a complete rip-off…”

 Boring. I decided to leave. The basement door was sitting open. Perfect. I’d go down to spare bed number twenty-sev…

I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and had to check what it was, to be on the safe side.


Beautiful long wonderful fantastic amazing string!

I pounced on it. It moved. I ran and pounced again.

Arabella giggled and ran down the hallway. I chased her in ecstasy.

Arabella, did I ever tell you how you’re my favourite human?





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