The Curse of the Creative

(May 2012)

It’s after me.

It’s coming closer, I can feel it. It knows where I am, and it won’t stop until it hits me.

But I don’t need anoth…



Doesn’t matter if it’s paper or computer, just give me something right now, and no one gets hurt.

Stop staring at me, you’re not a writer, you don’t understand how BRILLIANT this idea is.

Yes, I have to write it down NOW.

Just pause the game, I’ll come back and take my turn when I’m done writing down this idea.

Yes, I’m just writing down the idea.

No, I won’t be caught up writing for an hour, I just said I’m only writing down the IDEA.

Ok, I might also write down the opening two sentences.

Yes, these sentences ARE that important, and yes, they ARE that brilliant.

Just give me a moment. You do realize the more you bug me the longer it’s going to take me to finish this, right?

No, you don’t need to put the game away, I’m almost done.

Just going to write down this character name, and I’ll be done.

Yes, I know I’m working on three other novels, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t write the idea for a fourth.

Yes, I’ll finish all of them. Eventually.

Hey, what d’ya mean I won’t finish ANY? That’s not true. I’ve finished lots of stories in the past.

Yes, I know there’s a difference between short stories and novels, I’m the author here, remember?

Yes, silly, I’ll concentrate on working on just one novel at some point in the future, just not today.

See, I’m done, just like I promised. Now let’s get back to that game.

Nah, I don’t think so. Writing’s just a hobby, I don’t know if making it into a full time job’s such a good idea.

Ha ha, you’re funny, but I do not have a one track mind. I write in many genres.

And no, I do actually have more hobbies than just writing. Really, I do.

Ha ha, imagine if someone really did have such a one tracked mind that all he really could think about was writing. Ha ha, he’d be craz…




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