Grey Scale

(November 2011)

She lived in a world of Grey,

An unfeeling pace

Ruled by traditions and law.

There were no smiles, no tears,

No hopes or dreams or fears,

Only daily ritual carried out

By individuals who never spoke

Except to give orders.

And no one ever knew anything different,

They just accepted their lives

And never understood

When she couldn’t.

She lived in peace but felt that

Something was missing.

She didn’t know what she was longing for

But she never gave up hope

That she would discover it someday.


One day a visitor from the land of Colour

Wandered through the Realm of Grey.

The people ran in terror

Except for the girl.

When she saw him she felt Warmth

Spread through her bones,

And she smiled.

The villagers locked her up

Because no one ever smiled;

She had done the unthinkable,

The different,

Broken the conformity.


Then she felt Cold unlike

Anything she’d ever imagined,

And she wept

Because now she finally knew

What she was missing.


Time passed,

And the Grey that had seemed so dull

After she had seen the traveller

Returned to the same Grey she’d always known

And she forgot what Warmth was.

She began to lose hope

That life could ever change.

She had seen,

And had been denied.

It was not simple ignorance.

So she finally prepared to accept her life

For the first time ever.


That was when the visitor returned

Meaning to rescue her.

But she was blinded by his Colour

And fled from the intense Heat

That she had longed for before;

She would not survive being denied again.


And he nearly left a second time,


But then he remembered the joy

He’d seen in her before,

And the icy glares the villagers had given her.

He wept for what they must have done to her

And refused to let them win.

He followed her everywhere

Despite the deadly arrows they shot at him

Until she finally stopped running

And came to him.

He took her hand

And before they could be separated again

Lead her to the lands of Colour.




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